Beheaven is a division of sympathy flowers (wreath) established by Miss Lily Flowers Co.,Ltd. in 1998 by Mr. Rawat Chindapol to delivering flower arrangements to all over Thailand. Moreover Miss Lily had started delivery of sympathy flowers directly from Bangkok in order to bring the good quality and styles of flowers by Miss Lily.

wreath wreath wreath wreath

Sympathy Flower Designs (Wreath)

In the past, sympathy flowers or wreaths were arranged in simple forms with two parts of flowers on top and below of the wreaths providing the sender name banner in the middle. These wreaths were similar to each other even they were from different florists. There were no differentiations among general wreaths. Endurance of fresh flowers was not being able to last more than 2-3 days since flowers were arranged on water absorber (oasis).

Miss Lily Flowers Co.,Ltd. has provided all cut flowers in water bags in order to let flowers fresh and last longer up to 5-7 days with a unique arrangement designs in donut shape which increases image of the products. Moreover, all orchids are tied with small wire in order to turn all orchids into the same direction when arranged in wreath resulting in better uniform look. This will make recipients impressed with our products which express the full respect from senders.

Presently, most of floral shops in Thailand have followed our new wreath arrangement like donut shape that we can see in any funeral ceremony. But our wreath arrangements are still differentiated from other suppliers because of quality of flower components and arranging technique.

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